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AMBASADA Urban Lab Workshop 2

21 November 2019

Timisoara, Romania

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Timisoara Urban Lab | Workshop 2 “Knowledge exchange amongst institutions and citizens”

The second Urban Lab workshop, also facilitated by Architect and Urban Development Consultant Yiorgos Papamanousakis, brought together an intimate collaboration of 7 participants, from local community associations, academia, and the host organisation team – Casa Plai. 

Due to the unavailability of representatives from the municipality, the format of the workshop was adjusted to suit the number of participants involved in the workshop. The original planned activities ‘Testing our ideas’ and ‘Refining pathways to change’ were replaced with an extensive discussion and reflection on ‘Pathways to change’ and ‘Possible Strategies’. 

During the discussion, participants interrogated topics around the following outcomes and themes: citizen-led change, participatory mindset as a precondition to enable citizen-led change, and meaningful opportunities to participate in the city design.

Urban Lab Timisoara

Leader: AMBASADA, Romania

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