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Hablarenarte Urban Lab Workshop 3

27 May 2019

17:30 - 19:30

Madrid, Spain

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Urban Lab Madrid | Workshop 3: ‘School, childhood and city in uncertain times’

Online streaming via Medialab Prado YouTube. Madrid

“Children are the winners of this experience. In such a crisis there are heroes, victims, and winners. The children are bearing up a challenge that is both incomprehensible and intolerable for them.” – Francesco Tonucci, May 2020.

The setting provoked by the pandemic of coronavirus has generated many uncertainties and malaise that not only create new urgent demands but also make us rethink old questions about the ways of relating to one another and taking care of each other.

Childhood has become one of the core debates in this context of emergency we are living through. We have seen different opinions on children going out of their houses during quarantine, allowing a fundamental question to emerge: children as human beings who also have rights and the limits or possibilities of an autonomy dependent on adults.

Which are the main learnings related to childhood that we can take from this global crisis? How can we imagine the role of boys and girls in the rebuilding of our urban ecosystem after the crisis?

Through the event School, childhood and city in uncertain times, hablarenarte presented three round tables, along with Medialab Prado and Asociación La Kalle de Vallecas, that will approach three urgent themes:

  • Inequality and digital gap
  • The role of school in times of Covid-19
  • City and childhood

In the framework of the project CCSC, hablarenarte articulated several voices that analysed childhood from different perspectives: academic, activist, cultural, and institutional angles. During the session, they welcomed the the following guests online:

  • Francesco Tonucci (La Ciudad de los Niños)
  • Heike Freire (ecopedagoga)
  • Jaime Gallego (Participación Juvenil Vallecas)
  • Zoe López Mediero (Intermediae)
  • Ricardo Ibarra (Director de la

During the digital workshop, the participants of the session discussed the current Covid-19 crisis in the context of childhood debating how can we better imagine the role of children in the rebuilding of our urban ecosystems after the crisis.

Learn more about the event here.

Urban Lab Madrid

Leader: Hablarenarte, Spain

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