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AMBASADA Urban Lab Traineeship

7 September 2020 - 25 October 2020

Timisoara, Romania

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About the event

Due to the ongoing impacts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, AMBASADA’s Traineeship event adapted from its original format into a reimagined series of localised events.

A month-long programme of interventions and activities took place as part of the Traineeship, resulting in a people-powered building project in the heart of a local community.

Programme of events

  • A local gathering for young people interested in studying the city and how people use the commons and refer to it.
  • Local pop-up activation with a sea of flags and festival memories
  • Documentary films screening. 
  • ‘Squared Poets’ – four Romanian poets performed a spoken word piece on city and places of life, to audiences in a public square. 
  • ArtShopping x Epretext – featured talks with contemporary artists and the public.
  • A series of film screenings night for PLAI that showcased dance documentaries. 
  • Borealis pop-up event. 
  • Spoken word performance.

The Volunteering Quarter / The Social Building

During this exciting period of change, a team of energetic volunteers joined forces to build The Social Building. The Social Building was constructed using six empty shipping containers and transformed into temporary office spaces for local artists and social workers. Members of the local neighbourhood took part in the making of the creative space. Since its conception, there has been a hive of activity in the community garden and an open-air woodworking workshop.

See the photo gallery here or visit the Media page.