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Urban Exploration Timisoara

7 September 2020 - 11 October 2020

Timisoara, Romania

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The main challenge that the Urban Lab Timisoara is working on is how could community-led organisations contribute to creating public policies and how could they reinforce their implementation? In the context of an upcoming European Capital of Cultural year, the local community has to manage different challenges that make cultural projects bear many hats. Connecting it with an official Timișoara 2021 flagship project, the Urban Exploration event will explore neighbourhoods’ social-economic studies, local identities, migration and cultural interventions for community facilitation.

Urban Lab Timisoara is planning a series of events in a framework of their Urban Exploration:

  • September 7th – Local gathering for young people interested in studying the city and how people use the commons and refer to it
    September 11th – Local pop-up activation with a sea of flags and festival memories
  • September 12th – Documentaries screening
  • September 13th – ‘Squared Poets’ – bringing 4 Romanian poets together to have an open reading in a public square of their work regarding the city and places of life
  • September 16th – ArtShopping x Epretext – talks with contemporary artists and the public
  • September 17th – Dance documentaries screenings
  • October 1st- 3rd – Borealis Pop-up event
  • October 10th – 11th – Spoken Word event in the street.
  • September 10th – October 1st – The Volunteering quarter will start it’s building. 6 shipping containers will be transformed into temporary offices for local artists and social workers and alongside their spaces a community garden. This community garden will be the main action of the Urban Exploration Timisoara.


Andreea Iager-Tako