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Online talk: New Year, New Start

21 January 2021

14:00 (CET)

Online via Zoom

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About the event

Coordinated by Kaapeli, Creative Industry Košice and Region Skåne

In these uncertain times, when communities have been propelled into virtual environments, we all face the need to change the perspective of how to create participatory processes. Virtual content still needs at least a location to be performed or built.

Let’s take the future into our own hands and gather together for this warm hour of positive innovations!


Region Skåne (Sweden) Talk by Louise Lindén

From frustration to innovation: a story of how a crisis can inspire system change and digital transformation

When you face global challenges, you can do one of two things: give up or be a part of the solution. After a new virus paralyzed society and closed down the festival industry, LiveGreen decided to choose the latter and continue doing what we love most – inspire and unite people through festivals.

How can we bring a festival feeling into the digital space? Can artists perform in virtual reality? And what can the cultural sector learn from the game industry? Our answer is Festival Planet – an online festival world and social platform available for computers and VR. This is one example of how frustration can turn into innovation during a crisis that will set the theme of this presentation.

Louise Lindén is a serial entrepreneur and change leader, with ten years of work experience within sustainability and innovation. She is a pioneer and opinion leader in the festival industry, founder of LiveGreen, and several other non-profit organizations. Her work has also been recognized by the King of Sweden.

Kaapeli (Helsinki, Finland) Talk by Kai Huotari

The real-life space is still needed, but the need has to be recognized in another way. Kaapeli, one of the largest cultural facilities in Europe has always been a major platform for creative content. Now the platform is mutating again to cater to hybrid and virtual experiences. We will not be the rabbit in the headlights. We will be the driver for the future and we will save the rabbit on our way!

In his talk, Kaapeli’s Managing Director Kai Huotari reflected upon the role of the cultural sector in our society after the pandemic.  

Creative Industry Košice (Slovakia) brings the point of slam poetry by Tomáš Straka. 

Being both a writer, a performer, and a producer, Tomáš Straka presented the (un) limited efforts that the creative minds have in their desire to bring culture to the people.


Raisa Karttunen