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City of Lund Urban Lab Workshop 2

22 August 2019

Lund, Sweden

About the event In August 2019, Urban Lab Lund organised their second workshop which was facilitated by Natalia Lombardo of The Hum organisation. The session engaged a range of local partners including; Stenkrossen, Science Village Scandinavia, Mejeriet working together with Future by Lund/Lunds Kommun to discuss a core theme of ‘Decision-making & Multi-stakeholder Governance’.  Explore […]
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City of Lund Urban Lab Workshop 1

4 June 2019

Lund, Sweden

Lund workshop 1 (1)
Background Urban Lab Lund had stepped into a new phase that focused on testing various methodologies and how to reach out and expand the ecosystem. The Urban Lab Lund team agreed early in the process to see the city as an urban ecosystem where all players live in conjunction with each other and the city’s physical […]
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Hablarenarte Urban Lab Workshop 3

27 May 2019

Madrid, Spain

Hab (1)
Urban Lab Madrid | Workshop 3: ‘School, childhood and city in uncertain times’ Online streaming via Medialab Prado YouTube. Madrid "Children are the winners of this experience. In such a crisis there are heroes, victims, and winners. The children are bearing up a challenge that is both incomprehensible and intolerable for them." - Francesco Tonucci, May 2020. The […]
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Hablarenarte Urban Lab Workshop 2

18 October 2019 - 19 October 2019

Madrid, Spain

Hablarenarte W2
'How to organise a citizen laboratory in your city, in your neighbourhood or in your institution: Medialab-Prado' In September 2019, Hablarenarte organised their second Urban Lab Workshop in Madrid, which explored how to establish a citizen lab. Through a range of participatory activities, the session tackled important subjects including governance models and decision making processes, […]
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Hablarenarte Urban Lab Workshop 1

9 July 2019

Madrid, Spain

Urban Lab Madrid | Workshop 1 ‘Experimental cultural public policies to strengthen the commons’ Building on the experience of Media-Lab Prado, one of the handshake partners of Urban Lab Madrid, this hands-on workshop gathered together 25 leaders of previous citizen labs to co-design and implement a new prototype of a citizen laboratory, which aimed to […]
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Creative Industry Kosice Urban Lab Workshop 3

11 February 2020

Kosice, Slovakia

Tomáš Ctibor: The city is made by people and public space has to be there for them About the event In February 2020, Creative Industry Kosice organised their third and final Urban Lab Workshop that engaged a diverse range of 60 participants in three different sessions throughout the day.  Led by urban visionary and consultant […]
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AMBASADA Urban Lab Workshop 2

21 November 2019

Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara Urban Lab | Workshop 2 “Knowledge exchange amongst institutions and citizens” The second Urban Lab workshop, also facilitated by Architect and Urban Development Consultant Yiorgos Papamanousakis, brought together an intimate collaboration of 7 participants. Including local community associations, academia, and the host organisation team – Casa Plai. Due to the unavailability of representatives from […]
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AMBASADA Urban Lab Workshop 1

16 October 2019

Timisoara, Romania

Timisoara Urban Lab | Workshop 1 “Community-led diagnosis, vision and journey to change The first Urban Lab workshop organised in Timisoara gathered 57 curious participants, from local community associations, academia, the CCSC project partners, and Trans Europe Halles members. The participatory-focused workshop was facilitated by Yiorgos Papamanousakis, an Architect and Urban Development Consultant who is […]
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Region Skane Urban Lab Workshop 3

1 November 2019

Bromölla, Sweden

About the event In November 2019, Region Skåne organised a third workshop, taking place at the vibrant cultural house - the Ifö Center in Bromölla in Skane, Sweden.  During this session, a group of 31 participants had the opportunity to dig deeper into the concrete initiatives that had evolved from the previous workshops. Thanks to […]
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Region Skane Urban Lab Workshop 2

11 October 2019

Malmö, Sweden

About the event In mid-October, Region Skåne organised their second workshop which took place at the architectural and cultural house Medborgarhuset in Eslöv, Sweden. The approach to this workshop focused upon more concrete initiatives, as well as incorporating the ideas which had stemmed from the challenges identified during the first workshop.  As well as building […]
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