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Digital Co-Creation Lab Commons Sense – Results

In June, we hosted digital co-creation lab Commons Sense. The event was organised by European Cultural Foundation and University of Antwerp in cooperation with l’Asilo, Boekman Foundation and Trans Europe Halles.

Nearly 500 participants registered for the event. During the co-creation lab, 12 highly enthusiastic and committed teams spent two full days working on how to increase citizen participation in European institutions. Each team chose one of three challenges that resonated most with them:

1.) Commons as Ecosystems for Culture After Covid-19
2.) Co-Creating Cultural Policies in Cities
3.) Building Spaces of Encounter Between Local and EU Levels.

If you are interested to see what the teams came up with, you are more than welcome to explore their proposals below.

A few policy officers of the EU attended the co-creation lab, including Catherine Magnant — Head of Unit European Commission’s Directorate-General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) — who closed the event.

First reactions about the event from the co-creation lab participants.

Co-Creation Lab Commons Sense Proposals

Challenge 1: Commons as Ecosystems for Culture After Covid-19

  • Plotforming Bakers by Matina Magkou, Codruța Simionescu, Julia Gouin, Uta Richter and Julien Gastelo
  • Van Gogh – Programme by Ana Sofía Acosta Alvarado, Natalie Crue, Dries Van de Velde, Michel Jacquet, Benedetta Parenti
  • Team 4 by Alice Borchi, Rafael Bresciani, Marije Nie, Michael Dobbie, Jules Desgoutte.
Challenge 2: Co-Creating Cultural Policies in Cities
  • Concordia by Reem Maghribi, MariiaVarnava, Adrian Plesca,
    María Jesús Morillas and LisanneCorijn
  • Collaboration Magic by Felicita Marcelli, Dries van der Velde, Michal Hladký, Ola Jakobson, Camilla Crosta and Zuzana Révészová.
Challenge 3: Building Spaces of Encounter Between Local and EU Levels.
  • Artcross by Ketevan Paitchadze, Mika Tbileli, Nicoloz Tbileli
  • Glocal Spaces by Jeroen Barendse, Viola Bernacchi, Mette Slot Johnsen, Cecilia Iaconelli, Marije Nie and Zane Estere Gruntmane
  • Team 2 by Marcela Arreaga, Djamila Boulil, Diana Filimon, Carlotta Scioldo and Emmanuel Pidoux
  • Cooperative Autonomies by Daniele Pallotta, Giorgio Bacchiega, José Miguel Pereira, KittiBaracsi and Gaia Del Giudice
  • The European Stargate Team by Bart Grugeon, IlieRădoi, Kathrine Richter and Asli Samadova
  • Team 7 by Paula Moore, Katarina Scott, Marije Nie and MatejaStanislava Rot
  • Spiritual Commoning by Michael Dobbie, Sonya Armaghanyan, Evan Reinhold, Marije Nie, Mateja Stanislava Rot.