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Co-Creation Lab Commons Sense: Let’s Create a Bottom-Up European Democracy

22 June 2020 - 30 June 2020

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In a frame of the Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) project, European Cultural Foundation and the University of Antwerp, in cooperation with l’Asilo, Boekman Foundation and Trans Europe Halles organised a digital co-creation lab Commons Sense: Let’s Create a Bottom-Up European Democracy which took place on the 22nd and the 29-30th of June 2020.

On 22 June we hosted the introductory webinar to the event. During the webinar, we presented the CCSC project and discussed a few of the main themes and challenges that the project is dealing with.

On 29-30 June we hosted the actual Co-Creation Lab. 12 teams spent two days working on three challenges together. You can find their proposals below.

Resources for the Co-Creation Lab

Here is a list of all the resources that you could use in order to prepare for the co-creation lab. CCSC Charter of Principles

CCSC Covid-19 Statement

CCSC Overview: presentation by the project’s research team Violante Torre and Maria Francesca De Tullio

User’s Guide to the Co-Creation Lab

Co-Creation Lab – An Overview: presentation by Birgitta Persson and Angela María Osorio Mendez

EU, Local Level and Cultural Policy. How They (Should) Interact?: presentation by European Commission, Maciej Hofman

Values of Culture and Creativity: lecture transcript by Joost Heinsius

The Commons as Ecosystems for Culture: work by the research group from l’Asilo.

Mapping of EU Projects, Policies, Programmes, and Networks: a policy report by Dr Miranda Iossifidis.

Artistic Contribution by Goran Tomka.

Video Resources From the Introductory Webinar:

Videos of three parallel sessions of the introductory webinar:

  • Commons Sense | Challenge 1: The commons as ecosystems for culture after Covid-19 – by l’Asilo. Facilitated by Maria Francesca De Tullio (University of Antwerp)
  • Commons Sense | Challenge 2: Co-Creating Cultural Policies in Cities to Foster Cohesion and Inclusion. Facilitated by Marjolein Cremer (European Cultural Foundation)
  • Commons Sense | Challenge 3: Building spaces of encounter between local and EU level. Facilitated by Violante Torre (European Cultural Foundation).

What Happened During the Co-Creation Lab?

First reactions from the co-creation lab participants

During the digital co-creation lab, 12 teams worked on three challenges. After 2 days of intense co-creation, they came up with final proposals. Take a look at them below:

Challenge 1: Commons as Ecosystems for Culture After Covid-19
  • Plotforming Bakers by Matina Magkou, Codruța Simionescu, Julia Gouin, Uta Richter and Julien Gastelo
  • Van Gogh – Programme by Ana Sofía Acosta Alvarado, Natalie Crue, Dries Van de Velde, Michel Jacquet, Benedetta Parenti
  • Team 4 by Alice Borchi, Rafael Bresciani, Marije Nie, Michael Dobbie, Jules Desgoutte
Challenge 2: Co-Creating Cultural Policies In Cities
  • Concordia by Reem Maghribi, MariiaVarnava, Adrian Plesca,
    María Jesús Morillas and LisanneCorijn
  • Collaboration Magic by Felicita Marcelli, Dries van der Velde, Michal Hladký, Ola Jakobson, Camilla Crosta and Zuzana Révészová
Challenge 3: Building Spaces of Encounter Between Local and EU Levels.
  • Artcross by Ketevan Paitchadze, Mika Tbileli, Nicoloz Tbileli
  • Glocal Spaces by Jeroen Barendse, Viola Bernacchi, Mette Slot Johnsen, Cecilia Iaconelli, Marije Nie and Zane Estere Gruntmane
  • Team 2 by Marcela Arreaga, Djamila Boulil, Diana Filimon, Carlotta Scioldo and Emmanuel Pidoux
  • Cooperative Autonomies by Daniele Pallotta, Giorgio Bacchiega, José Miguel Pereira, KittiBaracsi and Gaia Del Giudice
  • The European Stargate Team by Bart Grugeon, IlieRădoi, Kathrine Richter and Asli Samadova
  • Team 7 by Paula Moore, Katarina Scott, Marije Nie and MatejaStanislava Rot.
  • Spiritual Commoning by Michael Dobbie, Sonya Armaghanyan, Evan Reinhold, Marije Nie, Mateja Stanislava Rot.

If you have any questions regarding the event, contact us at